Support &

Lactation Services

Transitions in life can bring an array of emotions and hurdles to overcome. The power of being with others experiencing similar challenges can be healing.Our mission at MomMe Wellness is to provide a safe and comforting space for you to connect with others and find strength and support.

Every new mother needs encouragement and support. A private consultation with an IBCLC can assist you in reaching all of your goals.

Support Groups

Well Mama Group

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: $100 for 6 sessions ( sessions are held weekly for 6 weeks)

Wednesdays 11am – 12:30pm

To resume after holidays, check back for dates

This wellness group is open to ALL moms 1-6 months postpartum. You do not need to be a nursing mom to attend. Moms will have the opportunity to share their challenges and triumphs with infant feedings, sleep, and siblings. Our focus will be around self-care and emotional wellness of mom.

Topics will include

  • Birth Story
  • Being Mom & Me
  • Relationship Changes
  • Getting Back to You  (exercise and style)
  • Life With Baby ( travelling, back to work, baby wearing)
  • Finding Time For You ( refilling your cup)

New Mom Support Group

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: Free


Group size is limited and registration is requested. Please take this hour to find support for you and your new baby and any challenges you are experiencing. Our space is shared with other professionals, we cannot include older siblings at this time.

Register Here

Infertility Support Group

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: $20

To register, please email

Lactation Services

A private consultation and full assessment of breastfeeding, addressing any problems or difficulties you may be experiencing.

What A Consult Can Help With

  • difficult or painful latch
  • sore or damaged nipples
  • engorgement, plugged ducts, or mastitis
  • concerns about supply
  • oral ties

What To Expect During a Consultation

Once Your Consult is Scheduled –

  • You will be sent a link to our client portal. It will include questions regarding your health history, pregnancy, birth & baby’s health.
  • Completing this information before your visit, will allow more time to focus on you & your baby.

During Your Consult –

  • We will examine you and assess your supply. Please remember to bring your personal pump and any accessories you may be using during a feeding.
  • We will examine your baby, including an oral exam and suck assessment.
  • You can expect to feed your baby during your visit and have your baby’s weight checked before & after feeding.
  • You may be given recommendations or assistance with nursing technique and positioning.

After your consult –

  • You will be emailed a detailed plan of care & feeding, including any links to appropriate resources. Also included, at your request, will be a medically coded invoice/ superbill. ( see below)
  • A professional report of consult & plan will be faxed/emailed to any providers ( pediatrician or obstetrician etc.) at your request.

Do we accept insurance? Lactation services are eligible for reimbursement from your insurance carrier. We are not “in network” with any carriers. We DO provide a medically coded invoice/Superbill with instructions on how to submit to your carrier for potential reimbursement, at your request. We pride ourselves on the individual care we provide and the time that we invest in you without being limited by insurance restrictions. You will feel more supported, knowing we are more accessible via phone, messaging or email than traditional medical facilities or offices. We are also approved to accept FSA and HSA credit cards.

Follow Up Consult

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $100

Register here for a Follow Up Consult

A follow-up consultation to assess and review your individual plan of care, weight check of baby included.

Home Visit

Duration: 90-120 minutes

Cost: $225 (within 15 mile radius)

$25 travel fee over 15 miles

Please call MMW 815-893-0411 to schedule this personalized service.

Can be arranged on a case by case basis. Please contact us a MomMe Wellness for further details and to schedule a consult with an IBCLC board certified Lactation Consultant.

Payment Policy

Payment is expected at time of consultation.

At your request, your Lactation Consultant can issue you with a superbill/invoice following your consultation, which can be used to submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement.

Cancellation Policy

MomMe wellness understands that due to unforeseen circumstances you may be unable to keep an appointment.

We would appreciate 24 hour notice of cancellation and happily reschedule. This will enable us to offer the opportunity for another family to be seen.