We offer a variety of classes and support groups to help all new moms with the transition to motherhood. All of our classes can be made available privately at MomMe Wellness or in home. Please call us on 815-893-0411 for more information. 

Gentle Beginnings

Duration: offered as a 5 hour retreat ( group setting)

OR Two 2 1/2 hour sessions ( private)

Time: Classes will resume after the holidays

Private classes scheduled at your convenience

Cost: $225 per couple

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Whether you are thinking about an unmedicated birth or would like to know how to cope with the onset of labor naturally, this is the class to take! Topics will include: The stages of labor and your body’s response. Methods of relaxation, coping with the onset of labor and laboring at home. Natural methods for dealing with established labor and how your partner or support person can help throughout. Identifying common medical interventions and how to avoid them. Planning for postpartum, breastfeeding and self care. This is an interactive class that will leave you feeling more confident and prepared for your labor to begin. Pre-registration required and snacks and light lunch will be provided.

Prenatal Classes


Duration: 90-120 minute class

Time: Sat 10:30 am -12:00 (2nd of the month)

Thurs 6:30pm – 8:00pm (3rd of the month)

Class Cost: $30


(Partners or support person are encouraged to attend this session with mom).

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Everything you need to know to be be prepared to get breastfeeding off to a great start! Let us answer all of your breastfeeding questions and concerns. Topics will include:

  • what to expect in the newborn period and when you get home
  • normal newborn feeding patterns
  • how to avoid problems and seek support
  • restful positioning
  • good latch technique
  • what to look for as reassurance that you are making enough milk AND that your baby is receiving it
  • hand expression and why this so important and helpful

We will also touch lightly on common roadblocks that we have seen mom’s encounter in early breastfeeding. These will include:

  • hospital interventions
  • delayed supply
  • weight loss
  • jaundice
  • NICU or special care admission

Postpartum Classes

Well Mama Class

Duration: 90 minute class Time: Weds 11am – 12:30pm Cost: $100 (Sessions held weekly for 6 weeks)

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This wellness/support group is open to ALL mom’s 1-6 months postpartum. You do NOT need to be a breastfeeding mom to attend. Moms will have the opportunity to share their challenges and triumphs with infant feedings, sleep and siblings. Topics to be discussed will be focused around self care and emotional wellness of mom: self image, family life, relationship changes. Come and find your tribe and leave feeling recharged! Pre-registration required and snacks provided.

Infant Massage

Duration: 60 minute class

Time: private class, please call to schedule sessions (4)

Cost: $125

Interact and bond with your baby in private, interactive classes that will enable you to learn and practice infant massage techniques. A wonderful way of nurturing your baby and learning methods of calming and soothing.

The many benefits of infant massage include: stimulation of the body systems, relief from physical discomfort, reduction in stress hormones, increased relaxation and improved sleep patterns.

This class can be ideal for a mom struggling to connect with her baby or increase confidence in soothing and comforting baby.

Please bring a towel for your infant, massage oil will be provided. 

Working Mama

Duration: 90 minute class

Time: Thurs 2:00 – 3:30pm  
(4th of the month)

Cost: $40

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Going back to work and have questions about breastfeeding and pumping?

Have your questions and concerns answered and have a plan for making the transition easier. Topics include: pumping, milk collection and storage, maintaining your supply, avoiding potential problems, tips for making it work and self care.

Pre-registration required and snacks provided.