Katie Olson


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Originally from New York, I began my career as an RN in 1989 and my nursing experience has been based in both labor and delivery and mother-baby units.
In 1995 I attended the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy in New York City and the world of holistic and alternative therapies was at my fingertips…. literally! I became a licensed massage therapist and also received certification in pregnancy and labor massage.

I was pregnant with my first son in 1998, living in Illinois and fulfilling my dream of starting a family and creating a home. I couldn’t wait to hold my baby boy. I felt confident that all my professional experience was all I needed. But then we came home and he cried and cried. The only time my baby was content was when he was being held or walked. Breastfeeding was so difficult and painful and I began to dread feedings. All my confidence was gone. I didn’t trust that I was giving him all he needed and I began to doubt everything I ever knew or had ever told moms that I had cared for. I felt isolated, lost and lonely.

My second son was born seventeen months later, breastfeeding was much easier and I was so busy that I didn’t have the time to overthink or analyze everything! I didn’t hold myself to such high expectations or such strict ideals of feeding or sleeping.

I became a board certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2003, with a new understanding of the experiences of motherhood and a desire to make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable for other women. My third son was born the following year and by this point, I had given myself permission to trust my own instincts and to accept that he was his own little person, adjusting to life.

While caring for moms, I could see them struggle with the same feelings I had with my own babies. I wanted these women to know and trust their own instincts and I wanted to say to them what I had needed to hear. I sought additional training in perinatal mood disorders through PostPartum Support International as well as PostPartum Action Institute and have facilitated support groups for postpartum depression. I am also a certified Health and Wellness Coach through the International Association for Wellness Professionals.

Each one of my boys has taught me something that has brought me to this point. The women I have met through postpartum depression support groups have touched my life in ways that will never be forgotten. This safe and welcoming space for all moms is because of you.

Katie Olson and her family

Katie with her boys, Brian, Derek and Owen.